5 things you need to do in your twenties

I saw a joke on Instagram yesterday: “being in your twenties is mostly figuring out how your friends can afford their lifestyle.” I honestly think about that a lot when I speak to my friends who go on vacations very often and don’t really think about the future. I wonder: do they have family money, do they plan to start saving later?

Millennials have financial issues that can be addressed RIGHT NOW (before it’s too late).

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Do these 20 things this week to change your financial life in the long term

I have never actually made a long list-type article, but I have made three short list-type ones:

So for my first long list-type article, I thought I would make one that would help as much as possible: quick things you can do this week to improve your financial life over the long term (and maybe forever, who knows). Here we go:

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Should you use peer-to-peer investment?

Peer to peer lending is an expression you might have heard here and there over the past 8-10 years, and maybe increasingly so. I have myself been using P2P lending in my portfolio for a couple of years, with Crowdcube (small businesses and startups), Funding Circle (small loans to companies) and Lendinvest (mortgages). How does it work and how can it fit in your investment strategy?

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10 secrets to stay focused all day

I recently changed job and companies, and I am now working more than I was before, in a better environment. I like working for my firm because I am master of my time: I can start early, or late and work from home. This might seem ordinary for some of you but I work for a financial company in London, and I believe this is pretty rare in my field.

Because I usually have a lot to do and I don’t want to work longer hours than I have to, I want to maximise my productivity. Here is what I found most helpful to stay focused all day.

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Save money

What you should do to save money on food

I love food. And you probably do too. But this necessity can eat up a significant portion of your income every month depending on how you manage your meals.

Below I list my top tips to save money on food (and by food, I mean groceries, not counting the occasional night out). You might be able to apply some or all of these, depending on your work situation and where you live.

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