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10 secrets to stay focused all day

I recently changed job and companies, and I am now working more than I was before, in a better environment. I like working for my firm because I am master of my time: I can start early, or late and work from home. This might seem ordinary for some of you but I work for a financial company in London, and I believe this is pretty rare in my field.

Because I usually have a lot to do and I don’t want to work longer hours than I have to, I want to maximise my productivity. Here is what I found most helpful to stay focused all day.

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Save money

What you should do to save money on food

I love food. And you probably do too. But this necessity can eat up a significant portion of your income every month depending on how you manage your meals.

Below I list my top tips to save money on food (and by food, I mean groceries, not counting the occasional night out). You might be able to apply some or all of these, depending on your work situation and where you live.

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